Armageddon CompTek I Brake 5.56 Silver or Black 4140 Melonite

Armageddon CompTek I Brake 5.56 Silver or Black 4140 Melonite


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Armageddon CompTek I Compensator Brake 5.56 4140 Steel Silver or Black Melonite

SILVER - Machined from 17-4 PH Stainless Steel with machined finish.

BLACK - Machined from 4140 Steel with Melonite QPQ black finish to protect it from the elements. 

Pics do not do this justice. This comp is a true work of art and amazingly finished. This compensator/muzzle brake is designed for the AR-15, M16, M4 and similar platforms that employ a 1/2-28 barrel thread and fire 5.56 NATO/.223 caliber ammunition ONLY. DO NOT USE this product with larger caliber ammunition than specified. See the bore diameter below. Features include an internal gas expansion chamber and top ports that direct the expanding gasses upward to eliminate muzzle rise. Exit ports vent the remaining gasses to the sides and help reduce felt recoil. These exit ports are located below center to direct more gasses out the top. The design also insures there is no "dust signature" when shooting close to the ground.

Installs in seconds with a standard 3/4" open end wrench (Wrench not included). Parts are laser engraved with the Armageddon logo and are shipped with installation instructions and an Armageddon crush washer with matching finish for timing the installation. Product may have a light coat of oil.

Product dimensions: 2.75" long X 0.950" diameter.

Bore diameter 0.265" -0.00"/+0.005".

Product weight: 4.8 ounces.

Like all Armageddon Tactical products this item is made in the USA using certified materials and produced only by manufacturers with current ISO ratings to insure product quality.

Compare to other popular products on the market that sell at retail for $140.00 to $160.00 each.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Use the discount code on the home page at checkout and save even more.

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