Battle Arms CASS Combat BADASS Ambi Safety Selector Ambidextrous

Battle Arms CASS Combat BADASS Ambi Safety Selector Ambidextrous



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Battle Arms CASS Combat BADASS Ambi Safety Selector Ambidextrous AR15/AR10


*NEW* Battle Arms Development's most heavy duty "fail-proof" selector you can get for a fighting carbine - Combat Ambidextrous Safety Selector - Semi Auto (BAD-CASS-SA) for the AR15 Style Rifles and the ArmaLite, Inc.'s AR10®. Finally!  We made a SEMI-AUTO version of our "built like a tank" Combat Ambidextrous Safety Selector (BAD-CASS-3P) with the robust DOVETAIL lever attachment, designed for the military. The Levers are detachable and interchangeable on both sides for maximum flexibility and user preference.


Each Retail Package Comes With:

    (2) LEVERS - STANDARD & SHORT (Battle Arms offers a FREE TRADE IN POLICY for customers and will trade any lever for another desired style such as THIN, END CAP, or other)

    (1) T10 TORX L-Key

    Precision CNC Machined from Solid Bar Stock Steel!
    MADE IN U.S.A.

The CASS-3P family of selectors are, honestly, a pain in the butt to build. Each selector goes through four manual checks on the dovetail interface, and due to their tight tolerance, each selector is hand fitted before being packaged up and shipped.

The result is a selector that's over-built. I think we've finally made a dent in folks' general distrust of screws on a selector, and the CASS-3P will further dispel it. If you're looking for the finest selector any amount of money can buy, I don't think the CASS-3P can be bested. Matthew Hazard at tested one last year, he removed the mounting screw and was able to operate the selector couple hundred times before he gave up from boredom lol.

The dovetail interface offers extra insurance against screws backing out. Between having it and not having it, the extra insurance is worth $10 in monetary terms, in actual use, I reckon its worth is more than its dollar value.

Every CASS-3P, M16 is shipped with two extra screws. Starting from last week, every selector, not just CASS-3P family of selectors, is shipped with two extra screws and a detent spring.

The detent spring serves two purposes: in cases where there isn't enough spring pressure, a portion of the provided spring can be cut off and used as a spacer. In cases where there's too much spring pressure, a user can modify the provided spring (by cutting off a coil or two) while retaining the existing spring for use elsewhere. We try to cover all bases where we do not have control over: the depth of the spring hole in the pistol grip, and receivers that may or may not be in spec.

The extra screws are rarely needed. As long as a user applies a little bit of thread locker on the screw, they should not back out. This isn't a theory, since being on the market in May of 2010, we've had fewer than a handful of users that requested extra screws, and it's usually because too much torque was applied and the screw broke, or thread locker wasn't used and the screw backed out.

All the same, the screws aren't common items at a hardware store, so we preempt their loss by providing extras.


Battle Arms Development - Combat Ambidextrous Safety Selector- Short Throw (BAD-CASS-ST) is for thePROPERLY MARKED AND MACHINED "SHORT THROW" COMPATIBLE AR RECEIVERS IN SEMI AUTO.  The shorter rotational distance allows for lightning fast manipulation of the safety.  Perfect for competition where speed is essential.  The shorter throw also allows more lever clearance and reduce lever interference to the trigger finger knuckle    The Levers are detachable and interchangeable on both sides for maximum flexibility and user preference.  There are a total of (9) Lever Designs and (81) Possible Lever Combinations!  The BAD-CASS-ST is a must have for the "South Paw" and Ambidextrous Shooters!

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