Black Aces Tactical Quad Remington 870 1100 Mossberg 500 590 930

Black Aces Tactical Quad Remington 870 1100 Mossberg 500 590 930

Model:  RB7

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Manufacturer:  Black Aces Tactical

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Black Aces Tactical RB7R Remington 870/1100 (RB7R) Quad Rail and Mossberg 500/590 (RB7R) 930 (RB7930)



Love the RB7 rail for the Mossberg 500, but have a Mossberg 500 breacher barrel? This rail is for you! The RB7MB is specifically designed to work with the OEM Mossberg 500 breacher barrel. The specialized clamps are a custom design that lock the the rail in tight.

** If you have a takedown screw instead of a magazine nut, you will need the regular Mossberg RB7M rail.  If you have a magazine nut, you will need the Breacher model RB7MB.**


Prepare to be blown away, because this is the real deal. This is the last Remington rail you will ever need. As you can see by the pics, the piece is beautiful and entirely functional. This rail now allows any accessory that can fit on a rifle to now be mounted on the Remington 870 / 1100. The RB7R quad rail system features:

  • Solid One piece T6 6061 construction
  • Small 16 ounce weight!
  • Type 2 black anodizing
  • Full install kit with tools
  • Serial number remains visible! In many states it's a crime to obscure the serial number of any firearm, and our rails do not obscure the serial numbers whatsoever!

Normal retail is a whopping $269-$359 on rails that are far heavier and are of less quality!

Here's the best part. These items are made in America! We support American companies and American workers!.

This rail is to work with OEM forends! All other forends will need to be fitted  to the rail. One builder had a Magpul MOE forend on his shotgun, and had to cut the forend, and fit it to the rail. Take your time, and take little off each time, and check fitment. As you can see below, you can get the Magpul MOE forend to fit tight, and look like it is part of the shotgun and rail. Pictured below, there is still even a small tab on the front of the forend to prevent hand slippage.

No gunsmithing required! This rail will fit both tapped and untapped receivers. Install time take under 10 minutes from the time the rail is removed from the box to the time the shotgun is ready to fire. We even supply the tools and detailed instructions!

As seen below the rail will work with most popular shell holders. Extension tubes with sling loops may hinder the rail.

So far as we can tell, this is the first manufactured Mossberg 930 quad rail produced [and what a great piece]! This Mossberg rail is the last word in quality accessorizing.

Prepare to be blown away, because this is the real deal. This Mossberg 930-compatible rail is beautiful and entirely functional. This work of art now allows any picatinny rail accessory, such as those on your rifle, to be mounted on the Mossberg 930. Take your shotgun to the next level!


Black Aces Mossberg Side Shell Saddle - Customers are always asking which side shell holder will work with the Black Aces Tactical RB7M Mossberg 500/590(A1) rail, and until now the answer was none of them. We are very proud to announce the introduction of the Black Aces Tactical 5 shot side shell holder. This shell holder features an ATI 5 shot grabber, a custom Black Aces Tactical back plate, and all the hardware needed to work with your quad rail.

Simply use the back plate in place of the port side ABS spacer, and remove/replace the OEM low profile receiver screw with the hardware provided in the kit. It is just that easy. Lightweight, and ergonomic, the Black Aces Tactical side shell holder is the natural addition to any RB7M.


Doug Biagi -

I am a Lieutenant with the Ventnor City Police Dept. on the Jersey Shore next to Atlantic City. I swear by the versatility of scatterguns. I recently purchased and installed the 870 rail and couldn’t be happier. First off, it’s American made, but more importantly it solved multiple issues I was having with upgrading my shotgun. Rather than having to purchase multiple pieces of hardware, such as a heat shield, a rear sight mount and picatinny mounts for the front of the shotgun I was able to obtain all of that and more with your rail system. I can’t wait to see what other ingenious products you come up with next.

Tarik Huggins -

I just wanted to thank you for producing such a great product. I have it on with a side saddle shell holder on the receiver, BADASS!!

Joseph Gallo -

I just wanted to thank you for manufacturing this setup, I am absolutely in love with it, and it only weighs 16 Oz. It is not a bad way to express your second amendment right.

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