Black Hole 16" 5.56 M4 Carbine .750 1-8 Polygonal Rifling Barrel

Black Hole 16" 5.56 M4 Carbine .750 1-8 Polygonal Rifling Barrel

Model:  BH-C-16-P3

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Manufacturer:  Black Hole Weaponry

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Black Hole 16" 5.56 MidLength .750 1-8 Polygonal Rifling AR15 Barrel

Top Quality Barrel for your Custom Build! Polygonal 3 groove rifling and machined finish. Polygonal Rifled Barrel benefits include increased accuracy, reduced cleaning, increased barrel life, and increased velocity. This is the rifling of choice on world famous sniper systems like the H&K PSG1 and MSG-90. M4 feed ramp is included. Uses .750 AR-15 Gas Block. Threaded for flash hider or muzzle device. Hard to find 1:8 Hybrid Barrel Twist. All Black Finish, Stainless Steel, Premium Barrel for your next build!


Under handguard: 0.88 inches
In front of gas block: 0.73 inches
Thread: 1/2x28
Weight: 2.0lbs


About Black Hole Weaponry

Specialists in Polygonal Rifling, Black Hole Weaponry is located in Central Washington State. We are a Division of Columbia River Arms LLC. Black Hole Weaponry is owned and operated by Carl Caudle who has been a gunsmith for over 30 years.

We use 416R  stainless steel and our rifling shape is a series of arcs instead of square corners, as in the traditional style of Enfield rifling. This arc shaped rifling has long been held in very high regard for its accuracy, increased velocity, reduced gas cutting and ease of cleaning.  Here you can see the difference between classic Enfield rifling compared to the 5 land and 3 land polygonal rifling. 

  • We purchase certified material and keep certifications on file.
  • We record material lot numbers and track each piece of steel through the entire manufacturing process.
  • We mark each barrel near the extension with our name, the lot number and the inspectors stamp.
  • We perform magnetic particle inspections and other non-destructive testing
  • Every barrel is individually inspected using industry standard Go/No-Go gauges with an Industry standard bolt. 
  • We randomly employ destructive testing methods

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I'm just finishing a custom build for which I've been searching and reading reviews and manufacturers descriptions and so on trying to find the best of the best parts for my newest baby, the barrel and BCG are the more important parts on the new girl so after much research I decided to go with the Black Hole Weaponry 16" carbine length polygonal rifled barrel. It was a hard decision to make with all the available options out there but the thing that was one of the biggest deciding factors was the rifling and it's reputation so I ordered the barrel and I am awaiting the first chance I can take her for a test run at longer ranges, in the 200/400 meter range, the ranges most Carbine AR's start to loose accuracy, I need to do it at these distances so I can test it against my other AR platform rifles, one is an Oly Arms CAR-97/M4 with stock stainless barrel and ACOG 4x scope. The polygonal rifling is supposed to be one of the best for accuracy and used on long range sniper systems so I have high hopes for this barrel and if it's better then my stock Oly Arms M4 I should be able to sit there all day long and put 30 round magazines through a quarter dollar size hole at 200 yards and a 2" to 3" inch hole at 200/400 meters so I am hoping this barrel performs even better then the barrel on my other M4 and close to as well as my DPMS Panther LR-308/AP4 which is highly accurate out to 400/600 meters, I haven't tried any of my weapons past that distance because it's hard to find open safe areas longer then that to shot at. BC
-by Bill Collier

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