CAA ARSNL or ARS w POD Sharp Shooting Collapsible Carbine Stock

CAA ARSNL or ARS w POD Sharp Shooting Collapsible Carbine Stock

Model:  ARSNL

$200.00  $184.95 

Manufacturer:  CAA Command Arms Accessories EMA

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Israeli CAA ARS Sharp Shooting Collapsible Stock No Pod ARSNL or upgrade with Monopod Option ARS for AR10 or AR15


ARSNL model is same stock without monopod (select option below)

ARS model includes monopod for additional charge upgrade option

Product Description:

The CAA EMA Tactical Sharp Shooting Stock is the result of more than two years of research and development. Designed in conjunction with special units of the IDF (Israel Defense Force) the CAA Sharp Shooting Stock is designed to meet the demands of the precision marksman community. The Sharp Shooting Stock has proven to provide rapid target acquisition, faster and more accurate follow up shots, and quicker  target-to-target attainment. Completely adjustable and featuring a rear-folding pod that converts an AR-15/M16/M4 carbine with a bipod, into a stable shooting platform with three-point support, the CAA Sharp Shooting Stock is in a class of its own. Operators who have evaluated the CAA Sniper Stock have found its unique features exceed all of their requirements. Finally, the ultimate sharp shooting stock for the M16/AR15/M4/AR-10 is now available.

» 10 position push button adjustable length of pull stock
» New push button controlled fully adjustable cheek rest for height & eye relief with optics
» Vertically adjustable rubber butt pad
» Qucik release push button leg extension with fine height adjustment button and mirco adjustment ring
» Leg locks in 3 positions: 0, 45, and 90 degrees
» 2 quick release sling mount points

1.95lbs, 9-11.5" Stock Length


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These are the most versatile stocks around. I have used them a number of times and never had a problem. They are well worth the money as no other stock can compare to the number of features this one has.
-by milton harvey

Feels very plasticky and cheap, especially for the price. Not quite as stable as I would like (a lot of play in all the parts). It does have a fully adjustable length of pull, unlike the Magpul PRS. If you're looking for the best/most stable shooting platform go with the Magpul PRS. If you need a more adjustable length of pull or want something that looks unique, this will get the job done, at a hefty price though.
-by Tony Castner

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