GG&G 1190 Eotech Accucam Quick Detach Locking Lever System GGG

GG&G 1190 Eotech Accucam Quick Detach Locking Lever System GGG

Model:  GGG-1190

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Manufacturer:  GG&G

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GG&G 1190 Eotech Accucam Quick Detach Locking Lever System GGG

Having a primary optic with the capability to be quickly attached and detached from a weapon system, while still maintaining "on target" repeatability, provides a degree of tactical flexibility highly valued in urban combat. The rugged EOTech holographic sights are excellent choices for a "red dot" optic. However up until now, adding some type of quick detach mechanism meant mounting the sight on some other mounting platform that raised the EOTech at least another 1/2" above the bore. Besides adversely affecting cheek weld, mounting the EOTech in this manner no longer allowed the shooter to co-witness the EOTech sight with the back up iron sights of the weapon system.

It is important to note that because the patented Accucam QD Mounting System replaces the existing mounting screw and thumbnut system of the EOTech, it does not add any height to the optic.

The EOTech Accucam QD Mounting System from GG&G is the only QD Lever System available today that does not add height to the EOTech. This patented, unique and innovative quick detach system retrofits directly to the body of the EOTech. The GG&G EOTech Accucam QD Locking Lever System replaces the EOTech socket head screw or thumbnut attachment method. No other modifications are required. The Accucam system installs in approximately ten minutes. The only tools required are a 7/64" allen wrench and a torx head wrench, which are both included in the kit. This system fits new and existing EOTech sights that have the protective shroud and only adds three ounces. It is fully adjustable to fit Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 dovetails, even those that are worn or out of spec. Not recommended for .50 BMG or lightweight machine guns
Once installed on the EOTech the sight can be quickly installed on a dovetail rail in seconds by rotating the Accucam Cam Lever to the locked position. It can then be quickly removed by rotating the Accucam Cam Lever to the unlocked position. In tests, the EOTech Accucam QD Mounting System has shown to be repeatable to less than 1/2 MOA. The unique finger loop design is easily operated, even with a gloved hand and the rounded design is ergonomic and virtually snag-proof.

Manufactured from solid billet 4140 steel and manganese phosphated matte black to mil spec, the GG&G Accucam QD Locking Lever System provides a solid, rugged quick detach system for your EOTech. GG&G's EOTech Accucam QD Mount is a preferred upgrade for anyone with an EOTech 511, 512, 551 or 552 scope. Like all GG&G accessories, the Accucam QD Mount is made in the USA at our Tucson, Arizona factory.

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Very good product for quick release. I would suggest that you use quality torx screwdriver/bits to remove and install the screws, as the loctite on the factory screws (which have to be removed) make them very, very difficult to remove with the provided torx wrenches. Also, I did notice that in the manufacturer's warranty that any removal of the torx screws invalidated the warranty, so this is a consideration. The only option with that in mind is to order the eotech directly from a supplier already mounted. I would expect that eotech would honor the warranty if the new optic came with this already mounted. I think eotech should consider these aftermarket options and reconsider this (especially considering the lens covers from ggg, and that you must remove ALL 4 of the torx screws to put it on your unit - whereas this accucam requires only 2 be removed). I did put a little grease on the cam of the lever, and it makes it much more smooth to use. Also, when adjusting the torque on the unit, so the locking lever is properly adjusted to the rail, I found that if you do NOT have a torque wrench that will measure the 17 inches, just screw in the adjuster screw (allen head) until the mount just has no slack/slop (with level closed), and then turn it 1/2 more of a turn. This will allow what seems to be a good pressure on the level/cam without too much and without too little, just right for me. Lastly, use purple loctite on the torx screws if you have to mount the accucam yourself. Remember, it's best if you don't use the small, supplied torx wrenches, as it's so easy to strip the torx heads out. Use a good, solid tool, and this will help ensure a quality job.
-by Larrie S.

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