Faxon AR-15 458 Socom 450 Bushmaster Bolt Nitride AR15

Faxon AR-15 458 Socom 450 Bushmaster Bolt Nitride AR15


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Manufacturer:  Faxon Firearms

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Faxon AR-15 458 Socom 450 Bushmaster Bolt Nitride AR15

Faxon is proud to introduce our line of bolts & carriers for the Big Bore series of barrels. These bolts are compatible with 458 Socom & 450 Bushmaster and come ready to be dropped into your favorite bolt carrier. Note- Bolt does not ship with firing pin, cam pin, or cotter pin.

Improvements include using 9310 tool steel for the bolt, which is stronger and nitriding the assembly to increase surface hardness, decrease resistance, and have superior corrosion resistance compared to typical chrome and phosphated bolt carrier groups. All bolts are fully MPI tested to ensure the material is sound and without defects. Bolt lugs are chamfered 45 degrees to ensure reliable action for even the highest pressure hand loads and fast lightweight actions. Extractors are S7 Tool Steel. From there, the extractor is sprung using the spring, o-ring, and silicone insert.

*When ordered with a barrel, Faxon personally checks and guarantees safe headspacing. If ordered through the barrel webpage itself, Faxon offers a full matching service with unique laser engraving on both barrel and bolt.

Detailed Specifications:


9310 Tool Steel Construction (Stronger than C158)
Full MIL-SPEC Heat Treatment
Shot Peened to MIL-SPEC
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
Back of Lugs Chamfered for Reliability
Salt Bath Nitrided


S7 Tool Steel Construction
Fully Heat Treated
Shot Peened Per MIL-SPEC
Black Oxide Coated

Note - Bolts ordered and deployed with barrels not specifically checked by Faxon for headspacing MUST be checked to ensure safe and reliable function. Faxon recommends Pacific Tool & Gauge headspace kits for all measurements.

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