GG&G Lens Covers For The Eotech XPS GGG-1272 GGG-1272FTE

GG&G Lens Covers For The Eotech XPS GGG-1272 GGG-1272FTE

Model:  GGG-1272

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GG&G Lens Covers For The Eotech XPS GGG-1272 GGG-1272FTE






As the popularity of the EOTech XPS has grown, a week doesn’t go by that we do not get inquiries about providing a means to protect the lenses of this expensive optic. The Lens Covers For The XPS fit between the EOTech hood and the body of the EOTech housing. They are spring operated so that once pressure is applied to release them from the closed position, they spring open. The rear cover lays across the top, so as not to interfere with the field of view. The front cover opens and serves as a sun shield. However, if heavy brush etc. is encountered, the front lens cover will fold back so that it is not damaged. Because of the contours of the EOTech housing, these covers are not 100% waterproof, but they do prevent most dust, debris, rain and snow from accumulating on the lenses. These unique lens covers can be easily operated with either hand to provide flexibility of operation. The design and methodology is so unique that we were awarded a patent. If you like to have a little fun with your tactical accessories, we are now offering the front lens cover engraved with "FRONT TOWARD ENEMY" at no additional charge, just select GGG-1272FTE model.

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