Guntec C LATCH AR15 Charging Handle Gen2 Tactical Latch AR10

Guntec C LATCH AR15 Charging Handle Gen2 Tactical Latch AR10

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Manufacturer:  Guntec USA

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Guntec USA C-LATCH AR15 Charging Handle Gen2 Tactical Latch AR-15



The Gen2 Tactical latch is an extended charging handle latch and was developed to allow the rapid operation of charging handles with the right or left hand, gloves, wet, mud and snow or ice. This second generation C-Latch is perfect for a flat top AR-15, AR10, M16, or M4 series rifles which utilize a scope and limit access to the charging handle. It replaces the standard latch on your charging handle. Only one pin to punch out and replace. Easy installation.

The Tactical Latch is for use with the M4, M16/AR-15, AR-10 and SR-25 series rifles. Replaces the Charging handle latch, allows easy function of rifle with either hand. A must for Tactical or scoped flat top rifles. Charging handle not included. Latch only. MUST HAVE UPGRADE

UPGRADE ADDITIONAL COST OPTION to Full Charging Handle with Latch Installed for AR10 or AR15.

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