Levang Linear Compensator -Ultimate AR15 Muzzle Brake AR-15 Comp

Levang Linear Compensator -Ultimate AR15 Muzzle Brake AR-15 Comp

Model:  GS-01

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Manufacturer:  DPMS Inc.

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Levang Linear Compensator -Ultimate AR15 Muzzle Brake AR-15 Comp






Reduces Muzzle Jump Without Hurting Your Ears

Directs all of the muzzle blast and apparent noise away from your ears for increased shooting comfort. Large, single expansion chamber helps control muzzle flip and felt recoil.




This muzzel brake is so cool I owne two of them! It takes the recoil and sound away from the shooter!! Its such a GREAT muzzel brake I'm considering buying a third!!!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

2) I finally got around to shooting my 20' heavy barrel ar with the levang comp on it. I initally thought it a gimmic and wouldn't work very well. All I can say is WOW!!! what a difference it makes. You still get most of the snap but not the concussion of the shot. It sounded more like shooting my 17hmr than the 223. I don't even think the levang on the gun it was as loud as the 17hmr. I even had my buddy shoot it and stood off to the side. The gun is still just as loud as ever, but its directed away from the shooter so as long as you're directly behind the gun it sure seems quieter. I will get another one for my 16" carbine and for my other 20 barrels as well. My buddies also thought it worked and wants one.

3) This is a good product that works well for LE and military tactical teams. When stacked up to make an entry, the Levang does a great job of reducing collateral damage to the hearing or eyes of other team members. In full auto, the muzzle flip of even 10 inch rifles is reduced significantly. Unlike other brakes/compensators, this one vents the nasty stuff forward towards the nasty bad guys.
Needs flats machined into it or simple wrench to match the ports for easier installation.
Would be nice in other bore diameters...especially .308



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Works well to send report away from the shooter and does decrease recoil and tends to help with barrel rise. Happy with poduct. Finish could be a bit better. Remember, this is not a suppressor, you would be foolish to shoot without hearing protection with this product. In fact I use hearing protection even when shooting with my suppressors.
-by Preston Smith

Just took my AR15 to the rifle range to test out the new Levang Linear Compensator. First off, knowone working at the range had ever seen one before. The range officer and myself went in to give it a try. To my surprise, NOTHING that is promised is true about this product. It did NOT reduce sound to shooter or those behind the shooter. It did NOT have any affect on recoil at ALL! Now instead of dispersing the flash you get a fireball that comes out about 6 inches from the barrel. It's a complete joke and would certainly not recommend this to anyone. Infact, the range officer felt sorry for me so this saturday he is going to bring in some of his personal stash and see what we can come up with. Ohh, Added bonus is that this product is very poorly painted and easily scratched and will rust. Very disapointed that this company would push a product that is not anything of what it says it will do. HI DANIEL, I VALUE ALL HONEST OPINIONS AND IF I GET REPEATED NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, I STOP CARRYING THE PRODUCT. IN THIS PARTICULAR CASE THOUGH, YOUR OPINION IS CONTRARY TO MOST I'VE SPOKEN WITH. I'M CURIOUS ABOUT THE RANGE STRUCTURE YOU WERE AT AND IF YOU WERE GETTING A LOT OF ECHO. IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY WITH A PRODUCT, WE ALWAYS ACCEPT RETURNS OF UNDAMAGED PRODUCTS. MANY FOLKS HAVE PURCHASED THESE AND BELIEVE QUITE DIFFERENTLY. THERE ARE NUMEROUS ONLINE REVIEWS ELSEWHERE THAT ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE COMPENSATORS. TO CLARIFY SOME INACCURACIES HOWEVER, THIS IS A COMPENSATOR, NOT A FLASH HIDER, AND IT WILL CREATE A FIREBALL TO THE FRONT. THIS IS ESPECIALLY NOTICEABLE IF YOU ARE REPLACING AN A2 FLASH HIDER. THIS IS A PLUS TO SOME. IT WILL NOT REDUCE SOUND, IT PROJECTS AND DIRECTS SOUND DOWN RANGE AT THE BAD GUY. ALSO, IT IS PARKERIZED, HEAT TREATED STEEL AND NOT PAINTED. JUST EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO RETURN OR EXCHANGE. SINCERELY, AARON
-by Daniel greer

Very happy with this muzzle brake. From the side and at the shooter's position, the report is noticably less. The guys shooting next to you at the range will appreciate that. I'm going to purchase another one. It's just a nice piece. Oh, and for those that complain that it needs flats to assist in tightening, I suggest a small strap wrench. The flats would take away from the smooth look.
-by Mory Riley

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