FAB Defense Rotating T-PODG2 PR Vertical Bipod Foregrip TPOD T-P

FAB Defense Rotating T-PODG2 PR Vertical Bipod Foregrip TPOD T-P

Model:  T-PODG2-PR


Manufacturer:  MAKO TACTICAL

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FAB Defense Rotating T-PODG2 PR Vertical Bipod Foregrip TPOD T-POD Grip AR15 FAB



Vertical grip provides the operator with several important advantages from substantially diminishing muzzle climb to simply offering a more comfortable shooting stance.

The NEW Israeli Made FAB Defense TPODG2, the world's best foregrip bipod has been redesigned! The rugged T-POD family of bipods has seen several years of hard combat use, and improvements to the original design have been researched and implemented.

The G2 T-POD features a complete redesign of the shape and ergonomics. The G2 TPOD is slimmer, shorter, and features a look that matches our other grips and products, for a unified look across the weapon. While many shooters love the hand-filling shape of the original T-POD, others prefer a slimmer shape.

The G2 T-POD's bipod is deployed by pressing a single button on the back of the grip. It is returned to a vertical foregrip by closing the two halves and pressing the legs in until they lock - no buttons required. Each leg still has a button that allows it to be adjusted independently for height.

This Improved Ergonomic Vertical Foregrip T-PODG2 model also incorporates rotation for panning.


    * MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer, aluminum and steel construction.
    * Transforms from a vertical foregrip to a fully functional bipod with the touch of a button.
    * Each leg is independently adjustable for height.
    * Holding the halves together and pressing the legs upward locks the G2-T-POD into a vertical grip again.
    * Ergonomic design matches the look of other Mako accessories.
    * G2 T-PODs are thinner and more compact then the original T-PODs.
    * Quick-release rail mount.
    * No gunsmithing required.
    * Authorized Factory Distributor
    * Mounts to standard 1" Weaver dovetail/Picatinny rail (Mil spec 1913)


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I like the feel of the grip and the mount for a pressure switch on the left side is very handy. My goal was to outfit my RRA LAR8 Elite Operator with items aimed at versatility. This fits the bill for me. The fore grip is very good. The bipod may not be a high dollar Harris but it get the job done nicely. Again a versatile plus in my opinion.
-by Mike Eliason

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