Odin Works ATLAS Adjustable Recoil Reducing AR15 Compensator

Odin Works ATLAS Adjustable Recoil Reducing AR15 Compensator

Model:  MB-ATLAS

$99.00  $89.95 

Manufacturer:  Odin Works

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Odin Works ATLAS Adjustable Recoil Reducing AR-15 Compensator

The first ever modular adjustable recoil reducing AR15 comp. *Patent Pending*
Technical Specs
  • Titanium sleeve.
  • Isonited 416R Stainless Steel.
  • Length: 2.56".
  • Weight: 4.1 oz.
  • 1" diameter.
  • ATLAS 5 - For 5.56 (22 cal) 1/2-28 threading.
  • ATLAS 7 - For 7.62 (30 cal) 5/8-24 threading. (Coming soon!)


1) 5 STAR Easy install works awesome     May 2, 2016
Reviewer: Chris from Maryland      
Easy peasy install took about 2 minutes on my Del-Ton AR15. At the range was truly awesome. Was back on target so fast due to so much less recoil I was shocked. I was slightly high right, made an adjustment to the break not my scope and boom dead on sub MOA at 100 yards, I had not done that before with this rifle.

I'm  building a 300 Blackout so I will be getting the Omega 7 for that.

2) 5 STAR Recommended     April 18, 2016
Reviewer: Aaron from San Antonio, TX United States      
Excellent reduction in recoil. I highly recommend one. Worth it.

3) 5 STAR Atlas 5 comp.     April 13, 2016
Reviewer: Anthony from Mocksville, NC United States      
I purchased 2 of these compensators and to be perfectly honest, they work better than I thought they would. I was expecting muzzle rise to be reduced but for rise to be totally eliminated on my Stag Arms model 2 and on my S&W M&P was unexpected ! A brilliant product !  Thank You


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