Otis AR15/M4/M16 SOFT PACK CLEANING SYSTEM AR-15 5.56 .223 Rifle

Otis AR15/M4/M16 SOFT PACK CLEANING SYSTEM AR-15 5.56 .223 Rifle

Model:  223-9

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Manufacturer:  Otis

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Otis AR15/M4/M16 SOFT PACK CLEANING SYSTEM AR-15 5.56 .223 Rifle


Provides Precision Cleaning & Effective Maintenance

This 8 oz. cleaning system replaces over 3 lbs. of conventional gear. With the flexible cleaning rod it is only possible to clean correctly, from breech to muzzle. In service today with the FBI, DEA, US Armed Forces, Special Forces, and the World's Best Hunters and Marksmen!

Provide precision cleaning and effective maintenance to every aspect of your rifle with this Law Enforcement .223 Cal./5.56mm cleaning system. This kit offers all the tool required to completely break down and clean the most critical parts of your firearm. Components include the Memory-Flex cleaning rods, solid brass slotted tips, 100-percent cotton cleaning patches, bore brushes, all-in-one cleaner, lubricant, and preservative, allowing you to quickly and effectively clean the receiver, chamber, neck, and bore. Brass obstruction removers are used to knock out bore obstructions and stuck cases. With the components from the brass scraper tool set the bolt, bolt carrier, locking lugs, and upper and lower receivers can be thoroughly cleaned. The lens cleaner, lens tissues and mohair lens brush will assist you in making sure optics are clean and clear. A comprehensive instruction booklet and mini CD-Rom with video instructions offer you flawless performance in mission critical situations resulting in a job done right every time.

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