Phase 5 Tactical Extended Bolt Release EBR v3 AR15 AR10

Phase 5 Tactical Extended Bolt Release EBR v3 AR15 AR10

Model:  EBRV3


Manufacturer:  PHASE 5

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The Phase 5™ Extended Bolt Release V3 was built on the legacy of the patented monolithic EBRv2 and EBRv2-SC levers, with several design upgrades.

The Extended Bolt Release Version 3 was designed to be compatible with all mil spec AR-15/M16 receiver sets as well as many billet, side charging, and even left-handed weapons.

The EBRv3 gives the operator the ability to reload quicker, clear jams more efficiently, and eliminates unnecessary hand movements during some operations by extending the lever into the trigger well for access on the right side of the weapon.

Like it’s predecessors, this is a one-piece replacement part for the mil spec bolt catch found in all AR-15/M16 lower parts kits and is a great upgrade for both right and left-handed shooters. The Phase 5 Extended Bolt Releases are depended on and trusted by tactical trainers and LE officers worldwide. 


  • Heat treated, 8620 high strength carbon steel, same as a mil spec bolt catch.
  • Secure patented monolithic design, direct replacement component, no screws to come loose.
  • Low profile bolt catch, fits many aftermarket billet upper receivers and most side charging upper receivers.
  • Grip serrations added to elbow and end of Extended Bolt Release lever.
  • Improved magazine follower catch.
  • Larger index finger tab for bolt release.


Compatibility: The EBRv3 is compatible with nearly all AR-15/M16 platform rifles and pistols. This includes many side charging upper receivers, and billet receivers that cannot accept a bolt-on Extended Bolt Release. In general, if the weapon accepts a mil spec bolt catch, the V3 will be compatible.

The EBRv3 is specially designed to be compatible with a wide variety of side-charging upper receivers.


Additional Specs:

  • Weight: 0.7oz
  • Finish: Manganese Black Phosphate



  • (1) EBRv3 Lever
  • (1) 3/32 Roll Pin

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Didn't realize how bad i hated the stock bolt release until i got one of these. Now i have it on every AR i own. Plus the one i have not built yet AND on my UTAS XTR 12 gauge. Bet even Phase 5 didn't know that would work ! Takes some slight modification to clear the stripper catch dongle hanging off the bottom of the bolt. But it does work. This one is a MUST have for me.

Man I love this thing and it made it possible to use an extended bolt release on an upper/lower combo that otherwise I couldn't have. I am almost finished with a new custom build, I got the stripped Seekins Precision lower receiver that came with a nice looking custom Ambi bolt catch/release and I went with an ASA side charge upper receiver and the problem was that the custom larger catch was too big to fit in the notch on the upper receiver for the top paddle on the catch, even mil spec catches wouldn't fit very well and wouldn't hold the bolt open if I slid the charge lever forward because it would trip the catch, I always planned on using the phase 5 EBR but after getting the ASA upper I wasn't sure it would fit, but I took a chance and ordered the low pro version anyway and figured if it didn't fit I'd put it on one of my other AR's.... so it got here along with several other parts for the build (all parts were bought from VTS) so I assembled everything and almost forgot about the EBR, so I pulled the pin and the mil spec catch and dropped in the Phase 5 EBR and put the upper and lower back together and I was pleasantly surprised to see it fit perfectly, even better then a mil spec catch and it doesn't trip the catch when I'm sliding the side charge handle back forward, it clears perfectly with plenty of room to spare and man it looks beautiful on the new AR upper and lowers and I am so glad I went with it, I have another manufacturers extended bolt catch on another rifle and I love it better then the original BAD levers but I'm going to replace it with the Phase 5 EBR V2 as well as putting one on my DPMS LR308 AR10 too and will probable put them on any other rifle I buy or build in the future.... It's absolutely beautiful and works flawlessly and is build extremely well BC
-by Bill Collier

Ya,This definitely puts every other EBR out there to shame.
-by Richard Padgett

Kick ass design. 1 Piece makes it nearly indestructable. And chicks dig the look over BAD lever
-by Dat Dinh

Makes the Magpul BAD look like mistake. Fit and finish are beautiful and the ergonomics are flawless. This combines with the Ambi Charging handle I can easily run my rifles with either hand. Just get it, you will not regret it.
-by David Giambruno

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