PWS Primary Weapons PRC Precision Rifle Compensator 5/8x24 .308

PWS Primary Weapons PRC Precision Rifle Compensator 5/8x24 .308

Model:  3PRC58C1

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Manufacturer:  Primary Weapons Systems

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PWS Primary Weapons PRC Precision Rifle Compensator 5/8x24 .308

The PWS Precision Rifle Compensator (PRC) was designed to reduce the maximum amount of felt recoil while allowing the shooter to maintain an accurate sight picture of the intended target. Wider on the bottom than other PWS compensators, the PRC minimizes ground disruption when firing from the prone position.  If you're looking for the best pure comp for the 308 AR10 style rifle, you found it.


CALIBER Up to .338
LENGTH 3" (76.2 cm)
DIAMETER .980" (24.9 cm)
WEIGHT 4.9 oz (138.9 g)

"Flawless Muzzle Break for a R700"

Pman on 9/10/2013


6-12 Months

Bought the PRC for my R700 AAC-SD, and it has made a huge difference when shooting the rifle. It reduces felt recoil of 175+ gr .308 loads to virtually nothing and muzzle rise is also virtually non existent. In addition the PRC has not made the rifle obnoxiously loud for the shooter and directs all of gas/concussion away from the shooter. Lastly, it looks great, installation was a breeze, and it matches the finish and barrel contour of my rifle beautifully.


Will on 8/25/2013


0-6 Months

I love this muzzle brake for my AR-10. It made the rifle easy to fire and improved accuracy, recoil, and muzzle climb. I watched my friend fire the rifle and it was like the barrel never moved. Best investment I could have made.


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