Radian AXTS Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle 5.56 7.62 NP3

Radian AXTS Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle 5.56 7.62 NP3

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Manufacturer:  AXTS Weapons

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Radian Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle AR-15 AR-10 Options

Radian/AXTS has changed names and is now Radian Weapon Systems. Description: The Raptor™ is truly revolutionary in design & function. From rapid palm “blading” or finger thumb charges of the weapon, the motion is fluid & fast from either strong or support side. Designed and manufactured by AXTS Weapons Systems in Salem, Oregon. Machined from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum and MIL-SPEC Type III Hard Anodized. Available in 5.56 for AR15 platforms or 7.62 AR10 (select below).

  • 7075 Aluminium
  • Mil Spec hard black anodize
  • Tested at over one million cycles without failure
  • Optional Colors: Cerakoted Flat Dark Earth or Stealth Gray Tungsten (matches Magpul FDE or Gray respectively)
  • New NP3 Nickel - Red - Slim Line SL


Will the 7.62 model work in the S&W MP10?

Yes, with a slight modification to prevent binding. The Raptor does drop right into the upper of the S&W - and cycles smoothly. However, with the bolt/bolt carrier installed, it will bind up.

The hole in the front of the Raptor is a smaller diameter than the stock S&W unit and there is a small "step" in the Raptor right near the front end where the larger trough transitions to the smaller diameter hole. This is where the problem lies.

There is no step in the trough in the S&W stock charging handle.

To mod it so it works, take a small file (chain saw file works) and make the front of the Raptor equal the trough, i.e. remove the step (see pic). Dremel to polish it, put aluminum black on if desired and PRESTO have a working Raptor in an S&W M&P10.

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I've now had the AR10 308 version on my Panther LR-308 for a couple months now and man the more I use it the more I love it. When I decided to do a few upgrades on my AR10 the first thing I wanted was a better charging handle and better buffer and spring, I bought the Raptor and tubb flatwire buffer spring and heavy buffer to go wth the raptor charging handle and man it turned my 308 into a whole new rifle, I mean it's so easy to charge now with either hand when manipulating the charging handle and I don't have to come off sights to do it. Before when charging my rifle with a scope mounted was difficult to say the least but now it's as easy to charge as my M4 is, there is no resistance what so ever, I just wish I had spent the money sooner because before I only took out my 308 out occasionally because it wasn't my funnest rifle to shoot but now it's so easy to charge and clear that it doesn't even seem like a 308 when working the handle..... There are several handles out there and it's hard to decide which one to buy and none are cheap but this one is definitely worth the price, it doesn't look like it's that much bigger when it's on the weapon but it makes a big difference over the stock handle, I plan on adding the 556 model to my M4's, except for my side charger M4 but if I could add it to the side charger I would.... If your tired of trying to charge your difficult 308 with the small handle then this is the best choice you'll find, it's so easy to use and is worth every Penny and I will be buying more for my other AR type weapons and you should too if you want an easy to charge rifle and a handle that looks as good as it works, I'll never go back to standard charging handles ever again
-by Bill Collier

If you want or need the best charging handle on the market for your AR10/15 rifles then this is the guy for you, if you've ever or owned or own a AR10 like the DPMS Panther LR-308 AP4 then you know that the stock charging handle sucks and is too small and a pain to use, more so with a scope mounted on the rifle that even partially hangs over the charging handle, but now there is the AXTS Raptor and to make it even better it's Ambi for us lefty shooters, I was a bit skeptical of spending almost $100.00 for a extended charging handle but once I tried it I was hooked, now I plan on upgrading my other AR platform rifles with this charging handle because it's simply a fantastic product, it makes charging my 308 as easy as one of my Ruger 10-22 rifles, yes it's that easy now, strong side or off side, one finger or two no matter how you charge your rifle this handle will make it easier and it's as smooth as butter, I'll never use another charging handle for my AR10/15 rifles, yeah there's lots of other custom, extended, and ambi handles out there on the market as well as just latches that you swap with the standard latch, and extended ambi ones, but the Raptor is simply a whole other class of charging handles, they are the best I've tried so far and it doesn't stick out too far so it can't get snagged on clothes and gear, and again it's so smooth and easy to use and not only that, it looks good too and comes in a couple different color options to choose from to fit your weapons color scheme.... If you try this you'll love it and your rifle will love it and look good wearing it too..... Nothing I've used have I liked as much, even my very expensive custom built side charger AR, it's an amazing AR but I built it to be able to charge my rifle easier then with a top charging handle rifle but now I can spend less then $100.00 each and upgrade my other AR rifles with this handle, I'll always love my side charger AR but this makes charging even a heavy .308 AR easier then charging an AR15 rifle, and again it looks good and works even better then it looks so give it a try, the paint does get worn a bit easy on the length of the body does wear quickly because of the off camber twist when pulling back one side or the other but any charging handle will scrape on the receiver too, anyway try it, I love mine and plan t buy more as soon as I can
-by Bill Collier

This in my opinion is the best charging handle on the market. Its perfectly sized to allow for excellent grip when needing to charge the rifle while still being non intrusive enough to not snag on gear or other objects near the rifle. This is one of the few ambi charging handles that works just as well from the left as it does from the left. I can not sing enough praise for this hardware.
-by Brandon Paulin

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