Rock River Arms RRA 9mm Magwell Conversion Block AR15 Adapter

Rock River Arms RRA 9mm Magwell Conversion Block AR15 Adapter

Model:  9MM0115

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Manufacturer:  RRA Rock River Arms

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Rock River Arms RRA 9mm Magwell Conversion Block AR15 AR-15 Adapter

The RRA Enhanced 9mm Mag Well Block for lower receivers WITHOUT integral magwell is a reliable, and most importantly affordable Mag-Well Block that no other on the market can compare to. The one-piece design offers the same advantages that are found in having a dedicated 9mm lower but without all of the dis-advantages that come with it!

Compatible magazines:
-Spike's Tactical/Metalform
-Modified Uzi
-Beta-C drums

As you can see, you have a great selection of mags to choose from so you won’t be stuck with only having to buy one manufacturer’s magazine! Installation of the block is a breeze. The entire installation process takes less than 5 minutes to get the block up and running inside of your lower and takes about 5 minutes to take it out, so it’s perfect for you guys who love to switch calibers at the range all day. There is zero gunsmithing required and zero permanent modifications to the rifle/pistol are made. The block also utilizes the standard AR-15 bolt catch so you won’t need to change it out for another aftermarket part.

Let’s talk about reliability. The absolute biggest flaw with the 9mm platform is that there isn’t the ability to have the needed adjustability to work with a wide variety of aftermarket parts, magazines, and ammo. Our block features an extra wide mag catch slot that allows the end-user to adjust the block up and down so that the feed ramp can be positioned perfectly every time thus increasing your reliability.

Another reliability increasing feature of the block is the patent pending adjustable ejector. This allows you to adjust the ejector up and down so it can be positioned with the bolt perfectly every time. Never again will the ejector be dragging on the bottom side of the bolt causing excessive and premature wear and the adjustment screw will also keep the ejector nice and tight; completely wobble free!

On the grounds of its construction, the main body of the block is machined from 6061 Aircraft grade Aluminum and all steel parts are machined from 4140 high carbon Chromoly steel for strength and are properly heat treated. Of course, all Aluminum parts are finished with a Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodized finish and all the steel parts are finished in a Mil-Spec Phosphate finish.

As you can see, a simple adjustment of the block can turn your single shot 9mm AR into a 100% reliable semi-auto!
Grab one today and get that unreliable 9mm AR working the way she should!


Installation of the Mag block is very simple and quick. With the feed ramps facing toward the front of the rifle and on top, you insert the mag block into the lower receiver from the bottom until it clicks into place (positioned and held by magazine release). For additional orientation, the mag block should have the white "9mm" text visible on the bottom back end of the mag block and you should see one 1/8" allen bolt head at the front of the mag block. The Allen bolt head is how you tighten (turn clockwise) to secure the mag block into place in the receiver. Tighten it enough so the block is secure when you press the mag release (it shouldn't fall out now) and apply gentle test pressure to the block from the top to ensure it's secure. Be careful not to overtighten the Allen bolt and you're done!

NOTE: *The block does feature a Last round hold open but the Magazine also needs the provision for it to function. *The block is NOT designed for use in an Olympic Arms system. A little installation help: *We recommend installing the block flush with the top of your receiver, we found that its a good starting point to work from. *All ejectors come pre-set to Factory height so adjustment may not be required. *The block requires 1/8" allen key (Not included).


  • Increased 9mm AR reliability
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable to fit your 9mm AR
  • ZERO gunsmithing required and ZERO permanent modifications made
  • Installs and Uninstalls in minutes


  • RRA 9mm block


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