RRA Rock River Arms AR National Match NM 2 Stage Trigger AR15/10

RRA Rock River Arms AR National Match NM 2 Stage Trigger AR15/10

Model:  RRA-AR0093NMK

$130.00  $99.95 

Manufacturer:  RRA Rock River Arms

Availability : In-Stock

Available Options:
Kit Options: 4.5 Pound Trigger  
3.5 Pound Trigger ( + $5.00 )
Chromed 4.5 lbs Set ( + $35.00 )


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RRA AR15 National Match NM Two Stage Trigger Kit for AR10 or AR15



Rock River Arms RRA two-stage match trigger is a NIGHT AND DAY improvement over standard gritty 7-9lbs AR triggers and will instantly improve your accuracy.

A drop-in, match grade trigger, it provides a crisp, 4 to 5 lb., 2-stage, trigger pull to improve accuracy for competition or varmint shooting. Sear engagement point is located behind the hammer to reduce pull weight. Low mass hammer speeds lock time. Includes trigger and hammer pins. Fits AR-15 receivers with .154" hammer and trigger pins.

SPECS: Steel, matte black finish. Fits Standard (NOT COLT) AR-15 receivers with .154" hammer/trigger pins only (Like DPMS, RRA, Armalite, Olympic, etc.).


NOW AVAILABLE IN OPTIONAL CHROME Rock River Trigger Set. Hard Chrome finish provides a smooth, low friction release.


Can I use this on my LR-308, AR10 or R25?

These rifles use small pins (0.154") for trigger and hammer and you can use this setup to greatly improve your factory trigger and maintain reliability. 

What is a two stage trigger?

A single-stage trigger has little or no takeup; if there is takeup, it is purely due to slack in the trigger mechanism. A two-stage trigger is designed to have a distinct takeup, with the trigger working against a significant amount of spring pressure. At the end of the takeup travel, there is a small but noticeable increase in pull as the sear begins to disengage. The two-stage trigger might have a pull force of 4.5 pounds force, but first and second stages differ in pull by only ounces. As the shooter prepares to fire, enough pressure is applied to handle the takeup, or first stage. Then the shooter pauses to finish aiming, and then the tiny amount of additional pressure is applied to overcome the release, or second stage of the pull. This gives the handling safety (preventing accidental discharge) of a heavier trigger pull, with most of the advantages of a light, crisp single-stage trigger. 

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Outstanding trigger pull. I ordered the 3.5 pound option and thats what i got. 3.4 # on my trigger pull scale, no creep, no backlash and a short reset. I was a little nervous that the pull weight might be a little light for all applications but this two stage trigger is just perfect. I dont have to worry about accidental discharge due to the two stage design. This trigger increased my confidence at longer ranges. Factory triggers are terrible if you're looking for good groups. The Rock River Arms trigger gave me a target type trigger in a combat reliable package. I used a plastic mallet to hammer in the slightly oversized trigger and hammer pins. They fit perfect in my Bushmaster receiver. I cant say enough for Valhalla Tactical Supply, I placed my order on a Thursday and had it at my door the next day. Aaron is a class act and Valhalla Tactical is a outstanding company to do business with!
-by Erick Levesque

Purchased trigger set with 3.5 lb. option and installed in S&W MP Sport AR-15. Absolutely awesome trigger! Pulled weighed in between 3 and 3.25 lbs with NRA approved steel trigger weight set. Installation was easy following the supplied instructions. Took 5 minutes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
-by Lonnie Meyers

Excellent quality trigger! Clean break, takeup good. Helps dramatically on accuracy! VTS shipped a couple days late due to stock, but excellent transaction overall and i can highly recomend this trigger. I shoot many thousands of rounds...its only getting better!
-by william strachan

After several trips to the range and a prairie dogg'in trip, nothing but good to say about this kit! Trigger pull is SMOOTH! Great deal for the bucks, get one today!
-by Dave Powers

Recieved and installed the kit today. Will report back after a trip to the range!
-by Dave Powers

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