Sierra 7 Heavy Duty Sniper Bipod with Rubber Feet or Raptor Feet

Sierra 7 Heavy Duty Sniper Bipod with Rubber Feet or Raptor Feet

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Sierra 7 Heavy Duty Sniper Bipod with Rubber Feet or Raptor Feet



The Sierra 7 is the most up-to-date, fully featured, and reliable small arms bipod on the market. The Sierra 7 gives the shooter the control and stability to make the perfect shot, even under the most difficult circumstances. Designed in conjunction with top-level competitive shooters and active-duty personnel, the Sierra 7 has revolutionary, patent-pending features not found on any competing bipod. It gives the shooter the control and stability needed to make the perfect shot, even under the most difficult circumstances.

The Sierra 7™ is designed to enhance precision for shoulder-fired weapons systems of calibers up to and including the .50 cal BMG. Easy to install and use, the Sierra 7 quickly installs on any standard mil-spec “Picatinny” rail. This makes it ideal for the multi-caliber capable AR15 platform. Expertly designed and manufactured, it is the only bipod that offers perfectly smooth tracking and canting features, allowing the shooter to engage moving targets and transition from target to target without any vibration or variation in accuracy. The S7 features positive bipod leg lock-up at 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, and 180° degrees. Available in 7”-9” and 9”-12” versions with either Rubber or Raptor Claw feet. The Sierra 7 has a clear advantage in long-range precision shooting, when used by an individual marksman or as part of a sniper team. Several manufactures only allow 15° of cant rotation (which is the “requirement” for the SCAR Program), so you have to take your shot in some cases with an unleveled scope. This greatly affects the long-range accuracy of your rifle.

Like most revolutionary gear (red dots, modular forends, muzzle-breaks, enhanced scope rings, match grade barrels ect.) the S7 bipod was tested in competition to prepare it for combat. Two prototypes were use by top USAMU snipers to compete in, and win, the 2012 International Sniper Competition in Fort Benning, GA. KFS then asked for input from the world class snipers at the competition, and made a few final adjustments to ensure that you, as the end user, would get exactly what you need. What came about was the final edition of the Sierra 7™ bipod. The Sierra 7 Bipod is 100% made out of American metals, on American soil, and assembled, right here in the USA!


All Sierra 7 Bipods come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against all manufacture defects. This guarantees your Sierra 7 will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, for life. This warranty is only available to the original purchaser of the S7 bipod. Also, it only applies if purchased from a KFS authorized reseller such as Valhalla Tactical.


380-925  7" to 9" (Legs fully deployed)

380-926 9" to 12" (Legs fully deployed)

Height: 7" to 9" OR 9" to 12" (Legs fully deployed) SELECT MODEL BELOW
Weight: 3.00lb
S7 Body: Steel Forging
Steel Parts: Nitrocarburized (Matte Black)
Aluminum: Hard Cote (Type III, Class II) Anodized
Inner Bearings: Sealed & Enclosed
Springs: E-coated to prevent corrosion
Feet Type: Rubber (Santoprene®)
Strength: 1470 LBF, 1010 LBF (Legs deployed)
Sierra 7 Fits: MIL-STD 1913 Rail, All calibers

New Sierra7 Bipod in action! This bipod was designed by Daniel Horner of the USAMU (US Army Marksmanship Unit) The Sierra 7 Bipod is 100% manufactured here in the United States, by KFS Industries Inc. Daniel Horner and his partner Tyler Payne, have won the International Sniper Competition several years in a row.

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