Spike's Tactical SD-1 Fake Can Sleeves AR Barrel SAFS010 1/2

Spike's Tactical SD-1 Fake Can Sleeves AR Barrel SAFS010 1/2

Model:  SAFS010

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Manufacturer:  Spike's Tactical

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Spike's Tactical SD-1 Fake Can Sleeves AR Barrel SAFS020 1/2x28

The Spike’s Tactical SD-1 Fake Can is similar to the CAR-1 and CAR-2 fake cans, but is longer and has a larger diameter to give you the look of a suppressed short barrel SD type rifle. This is how it works; The SD-1 shrouds back over the barrel of your rifle concealing part of it inside of the SD-1. The end result is the cosmetic look without all the hassle of the paperwork and cost that comes with the real thing. Keep in mind, this fake can is just for cosmetic looks and does not provide any sound suppression whatsoever. The SD-1 should only be used with barrels with AR-15 Carbine length gas systems.

We CNC machine these fake cans out of solid 6061 Aluminum bar stock for strength and top them off with a durable Anodized finish. The length of the can is 6.75” and has a diameter of 1.5” that will fit under our BAR rail system.
Must be used on carbine length gas systems on a 16" barrel to avoid hitting the gas block. The carbine length system has approximately a 7" handguard (THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED FOR THIS TO WORK), midlength is a 9" handguard, and rifle length is a 12" forearm. Check your distance clearance by verifying the forearm length before purchase.

If your barrel is threaded for milspec AR15/M16 1/2x28, you want the SD-1 can.

The SD-1 muzzle diameter is only compatible with 5.56 rounds and smaller. Will not work for 9mm/6.8/300/7.62/308.


  • Precision CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum Bar Stock
  • Anodized finish


  • Spike’s Tactical SD-1 Fake Can SAFS020
  • Spike's Tactical Lifetime Warranty


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