Strike Ind AR15 Cobra Dummy Fake Suppressor 14.5" 16" Fat Comp

Strike Ind AR15 Cobra Dummy Fake Suppressor 14.5" 16" Fat Comp


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Manufacturer:  Strike Industries

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Kit Type:
 None   Fat Comp 1 ( + $34.95 ) Fat Comp 2 ( + $34.95 ) Fat Comp 3 ( + $34.95 ) Fat Comp 4 ( + $34.95 ) All 4 Fat Comp Set ( + $129.95 )


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Strike Industries AR15 Cobra Dummy Suppressor 14.5" 16" Fat Comp

For barrels with OD less than 19.2mm (0.76") and minimum reserve barrel length of 95mm (3.74") to install.

The Strike Industries' Cobra Series fake can is designed as a training aid eliminating unnecessary wear on your real suppressors while providing a realistic weight to your rifle for training. It's also a great way to fully enhance the appearance of your rifle by hiding excess barrel length. In addition, by removing the front cap, you can install any AR threaded compensator for the functional purpose of reducing muzzle flash and recoil. The dummy suppressors work exceptionally well with any of the S.I. FAT COMP's which are specially designed with the same diameter as the Cobra dummy suppressor, allowing them to sit perfectly flush. The S.I. FAT COMP's and Cobra dummy suppressor make for a great pairing of both style and function.

Note: Take care to not bend the thread adapter. If you bend the adapter, the bullet may hit the adapter and destroy your dummy suppressor.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with FAT COMPS (Additional Cost Accessory option)
  • Easily apply any AR comp onto dummy suppressor end
  • Made of T6-6061 Aluminum with hard coat anodize.- ½” x 28 thread pitch
  • 11.5oz
  • 1.51" Diameter
  • Includes standard fake can smooth cap to cover the barrel threads

4 Lengths are available

  1. 3.82" (14.5" Midlength) SI-COBRADB145M
  2. 5.31" (14.5" Carbine) SI-COBRADB145C
  3. 5.79" (16" Midlength) SI-COBRADB16M
  4. 7.28" (16" Carbine) SI-COBRADB16C

Accessories (Also available alone if "No Cobra Fake Can" is selected in Kit Type)
The Strike Industries FAT COMP (FC)!  The FC comes in four different versions and is designed to integrate seamlessly with the SI Cobra Dummy Suppressor.  The FAT COMP features four different styles made to fit any desired look.  Its 1.5” diameter can also fit inside most free float handguard rail systems and directly attaches to any AR barrel with a 1/2”x28 thread pitch.  All FAT COMPs are made of steel and coated with a matte black finish.

Fat Comp 1 SI-FC-01
Product Spec
- Length: 2"
- Weight: 7.6oz
- Three ported sectors with 4 holes each.

Fat Comp 2 SI-FC-02
- Length: 2"
- Weight: 7.8oz
- COMP 02 is a tubular designed muzzle break. This FC is machined with a total of 24 port holes (18 small, 6 large).

Fat Comp 3 SI-FC-03
- Length: 2"
- Weight: 9.6oz
- COMP 03 has a triangular muzzle with 9 large holes and features 3 jabbing edges.

Fat Comp 4 SI-FC-04
- Length: 2"
- Weight: 6.6oz
- COMP 04 is a tubular design that tapers in a triangular muzzle.

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