Magpul Dynamics Art of The Tactical Carbine II 4 DVD Set DYN002

Magpul Dynamics Art of The Tactical Carbine II 4 DVD Set DYN002

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The Art of The Tactical Carbine II, 4-Disc DVD Set Magpul DYN002

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The Art Of The Tactical Carbine Volume 2 takes carbine operation to the next level. This 4 Disc Set has over 5 hours live fire class instruction, dynamic drills breakdowns, extensive gear discussion and weapon's manipulations, and mindset methodologies necessary to survive when things go wrong.

Drawing on their vast combat, competition, and instruction experience around the globe, instructors Travis Haley and Chris Costa take advance students to failure points beyond their knowledge and prove that even the most advanced shooters have the ability to excel.

Disc One: Advanced Carbine Course: Day 1
Safety & MEDIVAC Brief
Balance of Speed and Accuracy Drill (BSA)
Loading & Press Checks (Day/Night)
Check Drills
Transition to Secondary Weapon
Dynamic Positions
Shoulder Switching (utilizing single and two point slings)
Vehicle Barricade Drills

Disc Two: Advanced Carbine Course: Day 2 & 3
Off Line of Attack
Survival Manipulations
One Handed malfunction clearances drills
Shooting On The Move
Reflexive Fire Drills
Partner Movement/Weapon Manipulation Drills
Barricade Switch Drills
Team Urban Barricade Drill
Intermediate Range Drill
Mindset Facial Recognition Drill

Disc Three: Drills and Reality Checks
Quick Reference Drills Breakdown of Course Drills
Drills Shown at Various Speeds and Camera angles
Reality Check
Special Features

Disc Four: Weapon Accessories
M4 Variations
Muzzle Accessories
Weapon Lights
Load carriage & Body Armor

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