Voodoo VDI LifeCoat AR15 Lower Parts Kit LPK No Fire Control Grp

Voodoo VDI LifeCoat AR15 Lower Parts Kit LPK No Fire Control Grp



Manufacturer:  Adams Arms

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Available Options:
Kit Options: Basic Kit  
Add Lifecoat Fire Control Group ( + $18.95 )
Add Geissele SSA ( + $209.95 )
Add JP Competition Trigger Kit ( + $219.95 )
Add Hiperfire 24C ( + $224.95 )


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Voodoo VDI LifeCoat AR15 Lower Parts Kit LPK No Fire Control Group

VDI lower parts kits are compatible with mil-spec and non mil-spec carriers. This is machined and heat treated to exceed all MIL TDP specifications and is enhanced using LifeCoat treatment providing superior:

  •       Durability
  •       Lubricity
  •       Corrosive Resistance


The Lower Parts Kit comes with:

  • Trigger and Hammer Pins
  • Bolt catch assembly
  • Magazine catch assembly
  • Front pivot pin
  • Rear takedown pin
  • Takedown springs (2)
  • Takedown detents (2)
  • Trigger guard and pin
  • Grip screw and washer
  • Buffer detent
  • Buffer detent spring

This base custom lower parts kit does not include the fire control group. This Builder's package is designed for those who are using an aftermarket drop-in trigger/fire control group (such as Hiperfire or Geissele) or simply want an upgraded spare parts kit.


1) Add Lifecoat Fire Control Group

2) Add Geissele SSA Fire Control Group

3) Add Hiperfire 24C Competition Fire Control Group

4) Add JP Enterprises Competition Single Stage Fire Control Group Kit (includes JP Ambi Selector)



LifeCoat is more than just an application or coating processes. It is the most technologically advanced coating processes, material and machining available on the market today. LifeCoat is the idea that certain processes and materials are superior for their applicable needs and when combined they offer efficiencies unparalleled to anything currently available  

There are numerous amounts of coating process available on the market today claiming to be “the best”; some are baths that can do blind holes while others are strictly line of sight applications. Some of these coatings have little to no tolerance buildup and are considered molecular/permeated processes. Some coatings are best for lubricity while others fill the need for surface hardness or corrosion resistance.

This isn’t just about coating processes, it’s also the most technologically advanced machining capabilities and material applications. This allows us to be the first company to provide a lifetime warranty on all VDI components.

Our years of R&D as well as beta testing have developed recipes that only experience can achieve. As innovators of design and product development all VDI’s unique products utilize the best possible formulas for ultimate performance and reliability. Take the challenge, upgrade your jalopy and welcome to the revolution!




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