What is PlugNpay?

What is plugnpay and is my credit safe?

When you go through the checkout process and select Credit Card (Processed by PlugnPay) on the payment page, there will then be a checkout confirmation page where you verify your information, click the checkbox next to "Please CHECK MARK agreement to our conditions of use to proceed.", then click "CREDIT CHECKOUT" button.  You will then be redirected to our data pre-populated, secured company page on plugnpay.com to enter credit information and finalize.  This payment method is a more modern approach known as a "hosted" payment solution.  It ensures your credit security by offloading credit processing to a dedicated visa/mc/discover gateway company.  We never receive or store your credit info and plugnpay specializes in payments.  They have thousands of clients, process many millions in daily transactions, and have a dedicated security staff to ensure industry best security for you, our customer.  Online attacks are on the increase and all up to the second security patches are handled appropriately by these payment specialists.  I believe too many companies try to handle credit themselves and I don't believe most of them do an adequate job of protecting their customers.  This credit protection is extremely important to me at Valhalla Tactical Supply.

About plugnpay.com:
Since 1996, Plug'n Pay Technologies has been on the forefront of bringing secure, reliable eCommerce solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our transaction programs are developed specifically to meet the needs of today's Internet merchant. Since 1996 more than 40,000 merchants have trusted us to manage their Internet transactions.

Thanks, Aaron

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McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams
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