WMD NiB-X Forged Upper Nickel Boron Receiver M4 Ramps AR15 FDE

WMD NiB-X Forged Upper Nickel Boron Receiver M4 Ramps AR15 FDE

Model:  NIBXUF


Manufacturer:  WMD Guns

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WMD NiB-X Forged Upper with Black or FDE (Flat Dark Earth) Cerakote Topcoat M4 Ramps

This is the top of the line forged upper you have been looking for! Ideal building block for a long lasting AR15.  We are very proud to offer the WMD fully coated NiB-X AR15 upper receiver which has been topcoated with a ceramic coating for optimal durability, strength, corrosion protection, wear resistance and reliability.  Standard color options are Ceramic Coated Black, OD Green, Flat Dark Earth or Stripped Nickel Boron Silver.

Made from forged 7075-T6 aluminum to Mil. Specs, features extended M4 feed ramps, forward assist, and dust cover assembly. WMD maximizes the performance and durability of the upper by coating with NiB-X – an exclusive nickel boron formulation that reduces friction, minimizes wear, and eliminates the need for lubrication.

Forward Assist assembly and ejection port door not included.


Which is better, Forged or Billet Uppers?

This is very commonly asked and often stirs debate.  Forged aluminum offers an improvement in strength.  Forged pistons are exclusively used in high performance motors - not billet.  And forged aluminum wheels are stronger and lighter - spec on many cars now. Not cast - and not billet. Billet is usually machined with extra, nice to have, features like integral winter trigger guards, flared magwells, whatever. Worth the high extra $? It's user preference, but I would build with a forged receiver over a billet receiver any day due to the lower weight, higher strength, and lower cost.

Which is stronger, Forged or Billet Uppers?

Forging aluminum work hardens or improves the material. Grain structure flow will always be optimized in a forging for the weakest section of the design parameters. This enhances strength over Billet.  Billet uppers can be built as strong in flex as forged - but the cross section is thicker, and the overall part will weigh more. They don't make billet carabiners (climbing gear) for a good reason. Forgings are STRONGER, but Billet is strong enough with additional material.


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