YHM-9383 Low Profile Gas Block AR15 YHM-9384 .750 Diameter

YHM-9383 Low Profile Gas Block AR15 YHM-9384 .750 Diameter

Model:  YHM-938x

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Manufacturer:  Yankee Hill Machine

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YHM-9383 or YHM-9384 Low Profile Gas Block AR15





These gas blocks replace your existing front sight to provide a simple, low profile design that can be used to mount a rifle length AR-15 forearm to a carbine length barrel. They are mounted either by the use of two set screws (YHM-9383) or 2 clamping screws (YHM-9384) and are .950 Inches long. Manufactured from high quality steel and finished with a mil. spec. phosphate coating. Made in the U.S.A. Both 9383 and 9384 are for standard .750 Diameter Barrels.


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VTS should provide more info on this item in order to be able to make an educated buying decision. I had to go to another sellers website to find out that this gas block has a bore diameter of .750 inches.
-by Todd Dyjak

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