YHM Diamond Series AR15 Free Float Forearm 9630 9635 9637 DX

YHM Diamond Series AR15 Free Float Forearm 9630 9635 9637 DX

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Kit Options: Basic Kit  
Add YHM9484B End Cap ( + $17.00 )
Add 9484A end cap ( + $17.00 )
Add YHM9378 .750 Specter Gas Block ( + $37.00 )
Add YHM9378 & YHM9484B ( + $54.00 )
Add YHM-9437K ( + $7.75 )
 None   QD Sling Swivel ( + $7.00 )


| 1-YHM-9630-DX

 $145.50  $99.95 

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| 2-YHM-9637-DX

 $154.00  $109.95 

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| 3-YHM-9635-DX

 $190.50  $129.95 

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YHM DX Diamond Continuous Rail AR15 Free Float




YHM is proud to offer it’s newest AR-15 free floating forearms. These unique forearms feature diamond shaped heat vents, an extended top rail for gap-free installation, “T” marked rails to mark accessory locations, and our anti-rotation screws for secure installation. The forearms and barrel nuts are made of 6061-T6 aluminum and hardcoated to military specifications. The jam nut and anti-rotation screws are steel and plated a matte black finish to match. Assemblies include: one jam nut, one barrel nut, two anti-rotation screws, and one forearm tube.

YHM 9630-DX Carbine Length 7 1/4"

YHM 9637-DX Specter Length 9 3/4"

YHM 9635-DX Rifle Length 12 1/2"



  • Forearm
  • Jam Nut
  • Barrel Nut 


1) YHM-9469

This stud attaches to our 4 Rail Forearms and allows the use of our 1-1/4” Q.D. Sling Swivel.

2) YHM-9470

This 1.25" Quick Detach QD Sling Swivel attaches to the swivel stud to allow the attachment of a sling to your firearm.

3) YHM-9437K

These plugs are used to fill unused holes at the front of our free-float forearms. They come in sets of 4 and include a tube of Loctite for assembly. Simply screw them into the unused hole until flush with the forearm rail. Made of steel.
4) YHM-9484B End Cap

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